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The Irish Red Ale has been Bottled

I just love the sight of a batch of beer that has just been bottled.  It’s very satisfy to think all the time and work has paid off, and even better that it’s almost ready to drink!  I’m really excited to try this one.  While bottling I tasted a sample and it was pretty interesting.  It had a strong flavor; not very hoppy but slightly sweet.  I just wonder what it’s going to taste like when it’s done conditioning in the bottles.

Brew Drink Dream Fest

Last weekend my buddy John invited me to Brew Drink Dream Fest 2 which took place in Culver City.  The mini beer fest is put on by Pipe Dream Brewery which seems just like a few dudes that really love making tons of beer in their garage (what I dream on doing someday). They had a great selection of different types of brews.  I’d have to say my favorite was the Offshore Breeze but Green Dragon and Double Dubbel were great too.

Nice Rack

Into the CarboyI racked the brown ale to my glass carboy.  Everything seemed good.  Nothing nasty growing in the primary fermenter and no funky smells.  I had a small taste of the beer and it seemed a little strong, perhaps because I didn’t top off to 5 gallons when it was first brewed or maybe it just needs time.

Now I’ll wait for about 5-7 days and it will be time to bottle it!