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Smith Mountain via Bear Creek Trail

Saturday we headed up highway 39 out of Azusa to the Bear Creek Trailhead for a quick day hike up Smith Mountain.  We got to the trailhead around 7:20am and although it was still early we could already tell it was going to be a warm day.

We headed up the Bear Creek Trail from the highway and started sweating immediately!

Despite the heat we were getting great views of the morning sun coming onto the mountains as we climbed higher on the trail.  It was really nice to be out in the mountains that early in the morning.

After huffing and sweating up the almost all incline trail we made it to Smith Saddle. Here the climb to the summit of Smith Mountain really starts to get hard. The trail practically goes straight up.

Now I guess I kind of underestimated this mountain since you can’t see the actual summit from the saddle.

So when I finally climbed to what I thought the summit was, I saw in the distance a higher point. So I climbed some more and when I got to that point I finally was able to see the actual summit. The last 500ft to the summit was a fairly easy walk through brush and rocks.

Summit views proved worth it however I slightly wished I was still down under all the cool cloud cover I could see below.

The summit register was tucked in a bush behind the rock with the USGS marker on it.

I was pretty hot and tired on top of that mountain so I quickly signed the register and got down as fast as I could without slipping and killing myself on all the loose dirt.

I wasn’t able to track this trip on GPS since technology wasn’t liking me that day but the milage is supposed to be about 7 miles round trip. It took us about 6 hours from start to finish.