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Catalina Island: Camping & Zip Lining

Saturday morning we took the Catalina Flyer over to Catalina Island for a two day trip. Once we got to Avalon we cruised over to the Descanso Beach ClubĀ which is North of the Catalina Casino.

Upon arriving there, we found that all the private cabanas and lounges had been reserved and the beach was already packed. So, we ended up just grabbing a table in the patio area where we could order some food and drinks.

Everything was pretty good here except the service. It took forever to get anything, and I’m being serious, like at least half an hour just to get a drink. My sister never even got one of her drinks, and after an hour of waiting we just asked for the bill and they tried to charge us for it! I suppose the view and the people watching made up for the bad service.

In the afternoon we had to head back into the main part of town where we were to catch our Safari Bus that would take us to our campsite. On our way up into the hills we came across a buffalo lying on the side of the road.

We finally got dropped off at our stop which was still 1.5 miles from our actual campground. It was a lot hotter up in the interior of the island than it was down by the shore.

The hike was pretty grueling and I’d say about a 1/4 of a mile in a roadĀ maintenanceĀ worker picked us up in his jeep and drove us the rest of the way. He was super nice and friendly and even declined the money my sister offered him for the ride. Super nice guy.

There were only a few other people at the campground when we got there so most of the sites were open, however we were assigned to site #2. We couldn’t find our site at first so we decided to just grab site #5 which had two tables, a nice fire pit, and some good trees for shade.

Shortly after claiming site #5 a guy walks into camp out of nowhere. He was a New Zealander hiking theĀ Trans-Catalina Trail which stretches the length of the island and just so happened to have site #5 reserved. He was really nice about it and even said we could share it but we thought we’d give him some space and found our way down to our site which was just down the hill.

After getting camp all set up we made our way over to the tire swing we saw earlier.

We all had a pretty good time on the tire swing and itĀ tiredĀ us out quite quickly. Since it was almost sundown we decided we should grab some snacks and drinks and make for a vista point. We climbed up one ridge but thought we could find a better view. We hiked a little more and came across a water tank on the top of some hill. Ā It looked perfect.

As I approached the water tank I saw a pair ofĀ silhouettedĀ ears popping up in the distance; sure enough it was aĀ Catalina Island Fox.

We hung out by the water tank and ate pita chips and hummus and drank beers.

The views we got from our spot were amazing.

That night everyone was turning to bed early so I cruised up to see if any other campers were still up since I still had three pieces of firewood, two beers, and a mini wine bottle. The only people I saw were a couple that seemed like they wanted nothing to do with me, so I was about to head back to my campsite when another couple I had met earlier hollered at me. Their fire was just about dead so I tossed on my wood pieces and we drank and chatted for a while. They were really nice and I was glad I ran into them.

The next day we hiked back to the bus stop (no cheating this time). Ā Even in the morning it was super hot. At least the bus stop was shaded. We waited for the Safari Bus and rode back down to Avalon where we got lunch and then were off to zip line!

The zip line tour started off up in the hills kinda where we had just came from. There were five different zip lines and they were all pretty fun. The tour took about two hours and luckily we finished zipping down through the hills just in time to catch our boat back to the mainland.