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Arizona Part 1: Mill Ave. in Tempe

Last Friday I headed out Arizona-way with my buddy Ryan to visit one of our old friends, Mike, who lives in Chandler. We saw this accident on the way there when we pulled off to get gas.  Pretty ridiculous.

We heard about a pool party that was supposedly happening at the Valley Ho Hotel in downtown Scottsdale, however when we got there we saw no such party.  We decided to go in the pool anyway.  Mike finally met up with us and then we headed on over to his place.

Friday night Mike took us out to Mill Ave. in Tempe near ASU where there were lots of bars.  There were also a lot of people there and it kind of seemed like where all the college kids go to party.

While venturing around this area we came across a handful of interesting characters. First there were the homeless traveling hippie punx who had a dog.  Why do they always have dogs???

And there was this guy jamming on guitar.  I think Mike and Ryan got him to play some Pantera song or something.

We finally came across this guy who wanted us to go drink Absinthe with him that he had in the trunk of his car.  We said sure, right after we get some pizza.

He never made it through pizza though.

We left the poor guy to sleep his woes away in pizza.  After we left the pizza place we had to find Mike’s roommate, “B-Money,” who we lost somewhere along the way.  When we finally found him, he was on fire.  He decided for whatever reason to start jumping into bushes and physically injuring himself.  I’m not going to lie, it was pretty funny.