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Brussels, Amsterdam & Prague

The morning we left Paris was when it started. Runny nose, nasal pressure, and the beginnings of a sore throat. I knew sharing a sleeper cabin with a sick Australian dude was not going to turn out well. None the less, we were off to Brussels.


The train ride was pretty nice: big first class seats, free snacks, wine, and coffee too. If I was feeling a little better I would have totally taken advantage of the free wine but instead just settled for the coffee in hopes it would make my throat feel a little better.


The station in Brussels was chaos when we got off the train and there seemed to be no metro map posted anywhere. We finally figured out which tram to take and eventually found our hotel which was nestled in the hub of the old part of town.


We got food from a market in town and had a small lunch. Afterwards I decided to rest since I still wasn’t feeling too hot and Sayaka went to look around town. She came back shortly and I decided I needed to get my ass out of bed so I could go out and actually enjoy the town. We wandered around town and I got to check out a couple of Brussels’ bars where I enjoyed some excellent beers.

The next morning we caught a train to Amsterdam.


It was a fairly short train ride from Brussels to Amsterdam. Once in the train station we immediately booked our train for that night which would get us to Prague in the morning. With that done we wondered around town for a bit and walked past The Anne Frank House which did not look like a house at all. The outside looked to be converted into a modern style museum, which was a bit of a disappointment. We grabbed lunch at a burger shop which had surprisingly good portobello mushroom burgers. We wondered around a bit more and eventually made our way back to the train station to catch our night train to Prague.


This time our train compartment was a six person sleeper, however most of the trip it was just Sayaka and I, with one brief extra passenger getting on and off somewhere along in Germany.


We got into Prague in the morning and the weather was great.