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Garden Update

Peaches are growing on the ultra-dwarf peach tree for the first time since we’ve had it.

The thorny blackberry bush is having flowers.

Tomatoes are off to a good start.

The ultra-dwarf asian pear tree is having bossoms for the first time as well.

The orange tree out front is chalk full of oranges as usual.

And the hops are growing strong!  It’s probably only been 3 weeks since we planted them and they’ve already shot up quite a bit.  We are growing the Nugget and the ever popular Cascade varieties.  It will still probably be a couple years ’till we can use any hops from them to brew though.  Ah, patience.

End of the Plot

A cleared plot awaits it's next victim... I mean gardener.

Well we are giving up the garden plot, and I can’t say I’m too sad to see it go.  We had a good run with it and managed to get some good exploits from this space but we just don’t have the time to commit to it anymore.  The weeds were such a battle, if you weren’t there like every other day you can count on them taking over.  It got really bad when we took our various vacations over the past year, it made you not want to go back to see how tall the weeds were.

So we are switching to an all container garden back home.  It will be easier to keep an eye on and won’t have the weed problems the community garden had.  I’m looking forward to creating some legit wood planter boxes for crops of tomatoes and setting up the timed water drip system.