Monthly Archives: November 2011

Desert Cavetown

Friday night a small posse and I headed out to the desert for some long awaited camping. It had been a while since I had been out camping in the desert and was really looking forward to it. I wasn’t exactly sure where we were going to actually camp but I had somewhat of and idea. We parked around 10:00pm, grab our packs, and set off into the night.

We wondered down a familiar trail for about a mile, and then hung a right down a sandy wash for another half mile and started looking for a place that looked suitable for a campsite. Eventually we came across an outcropping of boulders and figured we might as well check it out since the large rocks could shelter us from the wind. To our surprise these rocks had formed a large cave which we could fit two tents in easily. With little discussion we quickly decided this is where we’d make camp.

There was even enough room for us to build a small stone table which we could all sit around and hang out.

In the morning Nader cooked up some mean breakfast and then Stu and Brian rolled in with some supplies for morning mimosas.

I’m not sure if a crisp desert morning could get any better.

It was an awesome day out but we spent most of it just hanging around camp, eating, drinking, and talking. After all, we did sleep in until almost 11:00am since our cave was so dark and cozy.

Later in the day we climbed up some of the rock formations around us to get some good views of the surrounding area.

As the sun started going down we decided we better find a good spot to watch it set.