Monthly Archives: February 2011

Pliney the Younger at Hollingshead

Russian River’s seasonal release of Pliny the Younger when on tap at Hollingshead in Orange this morning at 10am.  I pulled into the parking lot at about 10:05am only to witness a long line of people waiting to get into the sandwich shop.  The line was out the door, down the walkway, and around the corner where it ended in front of the Staples office supply store.

This was drastically different than previous years.  Yeah, the shop would get crowded, but a line out the door?!  Although it’s a great beer, I didn’t have the patience to wait in a long line and maybe get a taste.  Maybe next year.

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Big Rock Candy Mountain is one of my favorite old folk songs. Although controversy surrounds the song’s origins, it was originally recorded by Harry McClintock, aka Haywire Mac. Whenever I go camping there is a good chance it will be played. While listening to the song it’s hard not to imagine such a paradise hidden somewhere out in the mountains waiting to be discovered.

Unfortunately the paradise the song is referencing is the afterlife, the heaven where hobos go when they die. Apparently during the Great Depression it was not uncommon for hobos to pass away during the cold fall and winter, hence the last line in the song:

I’ll see you all this coming fall, in the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

A while back when I would read Crimethinc’s journal, Rolling Thunder, I came across a cool spread they did in issue #4 which had the lyrics to Big Rock Candy Mountain with a great illustration to go along with it.

San Bernardino National Forest on Google Earth

The US Forest Service has caught up with the times.  They now have a downloadable KMZ file available on their website for the entire San Bernardino Forest (viewable in Google Earth).  It includes trailheads, interpretive sites, picnic sites, day use areas, campgrounds, lookouts, foot trails, and roads.  I can see this being very useful.