Monthly Archives: December 2010

Backyard Brewing

Getting ready to unsuccessfully chill the wort

What better way to spend the Sunday after Christmas than brewing beer?  A couple buddies were making an IPA in one of their backyards and I came over to help.  Good thing too since the counterflow wort chiller was just not cooperating.  After splashing water and beer around for a while we decided to go old school and just stick it in the bathtub with some cold water flowing around the brew keg.  I’ll be interested to see how this beer turns out.

End of the Plot

A cleared plot awaits it's next victim... I mean gardener.

Well we are giving up the garden plot, and I can’t say I’m too sad to see it go.  We had a good run with it and managed to get some good exploits from this space but we just don’t have the time to commit to it anymore.  The weeds were such a battle, if you weren’t there like every other day you can count on them taking over.  It got really bad when we took our various vacations over the past year, it made you not want to go back to see how tall the weeds were.

So we are switching to an all container garden back home.  It will be easier to keep an eye on and won’t have the weed problems the community garden had.  I’m looking forward to creating some legit wood planter boxes for crops of tomatoes and setting up the timed water drip system.

Holiday Drink of Choice

Silk "Nog" & Kraken spiced rum

Yep, soy nog and rum. I’ve also been mixing it with some good ol’ Jim Bean as well.

Not sure which one I like more but I really can’t get enough of this stuff. I’ve gone through 5 cartons of it so far. I never drank real eggnog but it sounds disgusting anyway, I’m guessing this is much better.


Okay, so I was doing some updates on my web server and somehow I must’ve screwed up the database for this blog.  So now I’m kinda starting from scratch again and re-posting my old posts.  Hopefully this will be up and running smoothly again soon!

Ghost Lights of Anza-Borrego

The Anza-Borrego Desert has a reputation for legends of treasure, folk-lore, ghost stories, and other unexplained phenomena.

The tale of the “Ghost Lights” was the first to catch my attention.  I’m not sure how I came across this, but I found this video which talks about the lights and other strange happenings that take place in the Anza-Borrego desert area.

I have never been out to the Anza-Borrego Desert but it seems like a great place for a spooky camping trip. I’ve plotted out some areas that may be worth checking out if I ever do make it out there in the map below.