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Camping at Valley Forge Trail Camp

Headed out for another weekend of camping Saturday morning. A small group and I were off to Valley Forge Trail Camp. I had never been here before and I believe it was closed for a while due to the Station Fire closure. I had been wanting to check this place out ever since I heard this part of the Angeles National Forest was reopened. The trailhead we started at was called Red Box which is right across the way from the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center which, naturally, we had to check out.

They had a cool primitive fire starter on display as well as some other artifacts and items for sale. I never even knew this place even existed so that was a neat surprise to start the trip off with.

Next it was onto the trail. The trailhead is clearly marked with a wooden sign and the trail starts right next to it and descends down some stone steps.

The first quarter mile or so of the trail descends quickly and then kind of levels out in a wooded gully. It was not long on the trail until we came across some old machinery of some sort buried in some foliage. It looked kinda cool.

A little further in we came across clusters of ladybugs on a plant near a creek crossing.

The trail we were on was part of the Gabrielino National Recreation Trail and was already proving to be a beautiful hike. After a little less than mile we came across a sign which told us we were only 1.5 miles away from the camp.

We kept hiking and enjoying the scenery. Parts of the trail followed near a creak bed which was dry in some locations. This made us wonder if we’d find water near camp.

I’d say about after 2 miles on the trail we came to a cabin site where there were ruins of an old cabin but also an new and nicely maintained cabin. There was also an old propane tank, water well, and storage shed.

Not sure what the place was called but we checked it out and then continued on towards camp.

When we got to the campsite we found the creek running strong and no one else around. It was a fairly large campsite so we explored all the areas to find the best place to set up camp. There was even a bridge towards the back of the camp you could cross to get to more campsites, however these sites we in a bit of disrepair.

We settled on a spot with a good fire pit, nicely arranged sittin’ logs, and flat grassy areas for our tents. Before setting up we busted out some celebratory beers.

It wasn’t long after we got to camp when the weather took a nasty little turn. We got some strong gusts of cold wind and a little bit of rain thrown on us. We took that as a motivator to get our tents set up ASAP. As we were setting everything up it started raining on us quite regularly but we were able to get everything set up and out of the rain. To pass the time we took cover under one of the bathroom’s porches, had a beer, and waited for the rain to pass.

We probably had to wait about 45 minutes until the rain finally stopped. We decided to quickly start gathering fire wood in case the rain decided to come back. Luckily we were able to find a good amount of wood that was still dry and before long we had a nice fire going.

After the rain had passed the skies turned clear again and the threat of rain quickly disappeared. This made me happy since we were able to actually hang out and enjoy our campsite and not hide out in our tents or on the bathroom patio.

The skies stayed clear into the night and we had a nice time hanging out around our campfire.  The temperature dropped down enough while we were sleeping to freeze some of the condensation on our tents, however it didn’t feel that cold to me. When we awoke and finally crawled out of our tents it was your typical cold and crisp forest morning.

The hike out was quite pleasant with everything still wet with the shower from the day before.

The trail back had a gradual elevation gain since we were climbing slowly out of a canyon, but nothing too bad. The last 1/4 mile started ascending more steeply and was a little more difficult but not very long. We finally were back at the steps that led up to the parking lot.

The entire trip was about 5.5 miles roundtrip making the hike to and from the campsite about only 2.25 miles. I really enjoyed this trail and the camp; I’d love to come back with a bigger group of people someday.