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Big Rock Candy Mountain

Big Rock Candy Mountain is one of my favorite old folk songs. Although controversy surrounds the song’s origins, it was originally recorded by Harry McClintock, aka Haywire Mac. Whenever I go camping there is a good chance it will be played. While listening to the song it’s hard not to imagine such a paradise hidden somewhere out in the mountains waiting to be discovered.

Unfortunately the paradise the song is referencing is the afterlife, the heaven where hobos go when they die. Apparently during the Great Depression it was not uncommon for hobos to pass away during the cold fall and winter, hence the last line in the song:

I’ll see you all this coming fall, in the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

A while back when I would read Crimethinc’s journal, Rolling Thunder, I came across a cool spread they did in issue #4 which had the lyrics to Big Rock Candy Mountain with a great illustration to go along with it.

Ghost Lights of Anza-Borrego

The Anza-Borrego Desert has a reputation for legends of treasure, folk-lore, ghost stories, and other unexplained phenomena.

The tale of the “Ghost Lights” was the first to catch my attention.  I’m not sure how I came across this, but I found this video which talks about the lights and other strange happenings that take place in the Anza-Borrego desert area.

I have never been out to the Anza-Borrego Desert but it seems like a great place for a spooky camping trip. I’ve plotted out some areas that may be worth checking out if I ever do make it out there in the map below.