Monthly Archives: December 2011

Lewis Falls & Crystal Lake

Monday I headed up highway 39 with a group of friends for a short hike to Lewis Falls.  I had recently read about this hike on Modern Hiker and thought it would be good for us to do since we didn’t have a lot of time.  When we arrived at the trailhead we noticed a large boulder in the middle of the road and other large rocks and debris that had fallen down near where you were supposed to park.  We took this as a warning to park our vehicles a little further down the road.  The last thing I want when I return from a hike is a smashed car.

The trail was nice and pretty easy to follow for the first half.  It followed a creek and passed by some old cabins.  Some of the cabins looked in good repair and some were in ruins.

When we started to lose track of the trail we just kept following the creek upstream. There were some areas where we had to climb up rocks and cross the stream on a large fallen log which was kind of fun.

When we arrived at the falls we discovered a grip of folks there which explained all the cars at the trailhead. We hung around the falls for a bit and then quickly made our way back out.  This was definitely a short hike.

Since the hike took less time than we thought we decided to hop in our vehicles and drive a little further up the 39 and hike to Crystal Lake.  We found a spot to squeeze into and park and took another short hike to the lake.

The water level in the lake seemed low but there were still a lot of people there hanging out around the shore and I even saw a couple people fishing. It was the first time I had been to the lake and I felt like it would be a cool spot to kick back with a few brewskis, but it might be better to come around springtime when the lake is fuller.

Be sure to check out for updates and info about the Crystal Lake area if you plan on visiting.